In Court of Appeal, Karen Moss successfully applied to set aside permission to appeal from EAT

Philcox v CGDM Ltd TA Andrew Wilson and Co

Involved a lengthy employment tribunal hearing concerning allegations of unfair dismissal and very serious sex discrimination, harassment and victimisation, which were not upheld. After successfully responding to an appeal in the EAT before HHJ Eady QC in February 2017 (and obtaining an EAT costs order after the appeals were dismissed), Karen Moss successfully applied for permission to be set aside in the Court of Appeal last week.

Lord Justice Underhill determined that this was an exceptional case which merited setting aside the permission to appeal granted by Lord Justice Elias last year (UKEAT/0821/16/DA, UKEAT/0826/16/DA, UKEAT/0827/16/DA, A2/2016/2804).