Stephen Wyeth edits 3PB's February Employment and Discrimination Newsletter

Stephen Wyeth has edited 3PB's latest Employment & Discrimination newsletter, including contributions from Sarah Clarke, Katherine Anderson, Naomi Webber, Grace Nicholls.

Cases reviewed are:

  • Q v Secretary of State for Justice UKEAT/0120/19/JOJ - When are Article 8 rights engaged in the context of an unfair dismissal claim and how should the engagement of such rights be approached by the tribunal?
  • Duncan Lewis Solicitors v Puar UKEAT/0175/19/RN - Strike Out: seriousness of default and possibility of a fair trial require careful consideration
  • Casamitjana v The League Against Cruel Sports (ET case no. 3331129/2018) - Ethical veganism: a philosophical belief
  • Has the test for whether or not an appeal should be allowed in respect of a case management decision, as laid down in O'Cathail v Transport of London, been impliedly overruled by R (Osborn) v Parole Board? No, says the EAT in Chowdhury v Marsh Farm Futures UKEAT/0473/18/DA
  • Shah v TIAA Ltd UKEAT/0180/19/BA - Reasonable adjustments - Is it relevant that the employee didn't mention them?
  • Basfar v Wong UKEAT/0223/19/BA - Diplomatic immunity and leapfrog

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