'Out of Office' band wins Bristol Law Society’s 'Battle of the Bands'

3rd July 2023

Out of Office Battle of the bands winners

3PB Barristers very own house band “Out of Office” has won the Bristol Law Society’s Battle of the Bands contest at The Fleece on Thursday 29 June.

Performing in a packed venue in central Bristol, the band delighted the crowd with songs from Tina Turner, the Killers, the Kings of Leon, the Doobie Brothers, Blur and Green Day.

Nicola Frost (singer) was outstanding in her emulation of Tina Turner, well complemented by James Davison’s charisma and skills (singer and lead guitarist). Colin McDevitt was superb on bass guitar and Richard Wheeler showed his mastery of the keyboards, the guitar and the harmonica. Francisca da Costa also performs with the band.

The band overcame some fierce competition on the night from Osborne Clarke’s “OCDC”, Thrings’ “Stranger Thrings”, VWV’s “The Narrow Keys” and The Mighty Rufus. “Out of Office” were declared winners by the two professional judges and thanks to the audience’s loud cheers.

All the night’s profits - a total of £2,500 - went to SARSAS.

Organisers and participants are keen to meet next year to compete once again for the coveted title.

The event was covered by the Bristol Business News.