Oliver Hirsch’s client acquitted of Class A drugs supply

6th June 2023

Oliver Hirsch 1

3PB Barrister’s (3 Paper Buildings) criminal barrister Oliver HirschOliver HirschCall: 2020 (pictured here) saw his client acquitted by a jury of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, after trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

The prosecution had accused the defendant of taking a leading role in the supply of cocaine. Had his client been convicted, he faced a lengthy prison sentence. The allegations dated back four years, by which time he had moved on from what was a difficult period in his life.

The prosecution relied chiefly on text message evidence that supposedly proved the defendant’s involvement. However, Oliver argued that these messages were inconclusive, and in fact his client only bought cocaine for personal use. After deliberating for 5 hours, the jury acquitted him unanimously.

Oliver was instructed by Harry Price-Smith of MPS Defence.

Oliver Hirsch is a specialist criminal and personal injury barrister, also taking instruction on specialist regulatory cases. In his criminal practice, Oliver regularly represents both defendants and prosecution in the magistrates’, youth and Crown Courts.

To contact or instruct Oliver, please email Stuart Pringle at [email protected] or telephone 01962 868 884.