Education team’s Emma Waldron interviewed on 2020 exams fiasco  

27th August 2020

3PB’s specialist education barrister, Emma Waldron, has been interviewed for the UK's No. 1 legal consumer podcast "Get Legally Speaking" about the current legal landscape and what the future may hold for unhappy students. On 18th March 2020, exams were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic; then on 17th August this year, a U-turn decision was announced by the Secretary of State for Education that allowed A-Level students to receive grades based on their teachers' estimation if this was higher.

This podcast is very accessible/listener friendly and offers guidance for schools and students and their lawyers alike. So if you want to find out how this decision came about and if the “algorithm anarchy” in the marking scheme was lawful, listen in to "Exams & Education During The Crisis.“

Please click here to access the free podcast.