Conwoman jailed for three years

3PB's Berenice Mulvanny acted in a case against a 'vindictive conwoman' who made more than £100,000 on a sugar daddy website by 'catfishing' married men before blackmailing them has been jailed for nearly three years.

Reports in the Daily Mail state that Shannon Lee, 21, from Netley Abbey near Southampton, would pose as another woman, whose photos she stole from the Internet, before luring men into sexual and embarrassing conversations.

Lee would then threaten to expose the conversations to wives, family members and friends if her six victims refused to pay large amounts of money into her bank account, Southampton Crown Court heard.

In total, police found payments of more than £100,000 in Lee's account - including £40,000 from one man alone, who she had targeted for two years.

Judge Peter Henry described her as 'cold callous and vindictive' and explained that her actions had been to fuel her own thrills and excitement.