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Year of Call: 2014
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Thomas Acworth is a criminal specialist.  His practice encompasses general crime, regulatory crime and licensing.  Thomas prosecutes and defends.


  • Crime
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    Thomas Acworth’s practice covers the spectrum of criminal and quasi-criminal matters: from cases of serious violence to technical road traffic and regulatory offences.  He combines meticulous preparation with excellent client care to deliver personable, pragmatic and effective representation.  Thomas prosecutes and defends.


    • R v A: Murder and Attempted Murder (P).  Led by Nigel Lickley QC. Deceased stabbed by his mother’s boyfriend following a dispute at a New Year’s Eve party.  The accused then stabbed the deceased’s father.  Noting junior with responsibility for preparing schedules of evidence (blood spatter, financial records and custody timeline), editing ROTIs and drafting admissions.
    • F v The Queen (Jamaica): Murder (D).  Led by Nigel Lickley QC.  Appeal to Privy Council on issues of identification, character evidence and incompetency of counsel.  Case concerned a gangland contract killing.  Ongoing.
    • R v T & H: Armed Robbery (D).  Knife-point joint enterprise robbery of commercial premises.  Both defendants ran cutthroat defences.
    • R v F & X: Aggravated Burglary and Dwelling Robbery (D).  Allegations of armed home invasions in which defendants demanded drugs and drug money.
    • R v M & N: Robbery (D). Street robbery arising from dispute over drugs purchased in joint transaction.
    • R v U: GBH (D).  Single punch outside of nightclub.  Complainant hit head on pavement sustaining a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage.
    • R v G: Putting a Person in fear of Violence by Harassment (D).  Threats made to disabled complainant in connection with her son-in-law’s conviction for making indecent images of children.
    • R v H: Possessing Bladed Article and Affray (D).  Client alleged to have threatened his girlfriend and two passers-by with a samurai sword.
    • R v Q: Public Order and Assault (D).  Vulnerable client charged with a string of offences at hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Defence of absence of mens rea.
    • R v B: ABH (P).  Prosecution of motorist who boarded a full school bus and assaulted its driver.
    • R v Z: ABH (D).  Defence of naval recruit who assaulted a man in a pub.  Suspended sentence with no requirements secured.


    • R v H: Bankrupt acting as Company Director (P). Defendant set up two companies whilst bankrupt, one of which traded for an extensive period.
    • R v P: Fraud (D). Fraudulent misuse of gift cards totalling thousands of pounds.  Sentenced to a Community Order with RAR days but no other requirements.
    • R v Q: Burglary (P).  Defendant committed a string of domestic burglaries over the summer months.
    • R v Y: Burglary (D).  Creeper burglary.  Issues of DNA identification.


    • R v R: Possession with Intent to Supply – Class A (D).  Schoolboy of previous good character alleged to have supplied fellow pupils with cocaine and MDMA.
    • R v D: Production of Cannabis (P).  Defendant ran cannabis factory from family home.  Professional installation of equipment.
    • R v G: Possession with Intent to Supply – Class A (D).  County-lines drug dealing.  Defendant selling heroin and crack from deerstalker hat.
    • R v U: Possession with Intent to Supply – Class A (P).  Prosecution of man found with thousands of pounds worth of cocaine and MDMA at a music festival.


    • R v U: Dangerous Driving, Criminal Damage, Failing to Provide Specimen (D).  Defence of notable figure in travelling community.  Case involved a 12 mile police chase through the countryside.
    • R v F: Dangerous Driving (D).  Police chase through city centre during rush hour.  Collisions with other vehicles, some of which contained school children.
    • R v X: Careless Driving (P).  The Defendant’s 4x4 was involved in a serious collision in rural Dorset.  The Defendant and his witness both conceded that the offence had been committed under cross-examination from Thomas.
    • R v U: Driving whilst Disqualified (D).  Successful special reasons application.  Despite the client being present in court when his original disqualification was imposed, Thomas persuaded the Magistrates not to disqualify on the basis of lack of knowledge.
    • R v F: Speeding (60 in a 30) (D).  Appeal to Crown Court.  Persuaded court to impose 3 points because client had been offered a fixed penalty notice.  Client avoided disqualification.
    • R v T: Speeding (D).  Successful exceptional hardship application on behalf of a finance professional.
    • R v S: Drug Driving (D).  Successful defence of post-driving consumption of cocaine despite absence of expert evidence.
    • R v A: Failing to Provide a Specimen and Careless Driving (D).  Court appointed advocate for private soldier involved in road traffic collision with a senior officer.
    • Sexual offences
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      Sexual Offences

      • R v W: Sexual Assault (D). Young client with severe ADHD.  Case involved allegations of sexual touching and biting of a teenage woman at a house party.
      • R v Y: Sexual Assault (D).  Sexual touching of a probation officer whilst at approved premises.
      • R v E: Sexual Assault (D).  Allegations of threats to rape and sexual touching following discovery of partner’s infidelity.
      • R v K: Disclosing Private Sexual Images (D). Defendant put indecent images of her best friend on Facebook.  Defence of consent.
      • R v F: Sexual Assault (D).  Extended sexual assault arising from BDSM practices.
  • Public and Regulatory
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    • Police Force v G: Closure Order (A).  Obtained closure order in respect of suspected crack house.  Occupant used threatened neighbours with violence.
    • Chief Constable v F:  Firearms Licence Appeal (R).  Hundreds of guns found at residence of a registered firearms dealer together with prohibited weapons and prohibited ammunition.  PII and evidential issues resultant from concurrent criminal proceedings.
    • Chief Constable v Q:  Firearms Licence Appeal (R).  Revocation of firearms certificate on basis of intelligence reports.  Appeal concerned PII and public safety considerations.
    • Local Authority v Z: Leaving Litter (P).  Prosecution brought by local authority for littering in public place.
    • Local Authority v N: Contempt of Court (D).  Vulnerable, elderly client alleged to have breached ASBO.


“Words cannot explain how elated I am with the outcome today.  I am ever so grateful.  Wanted to express my deepest appreciation” – client’s email to instructing solicitor.

“I am extremely grateful for the excellent work you have done on this case” – email from instructing solicitor.

“I’ve just had a chat with young Mr. F and he’s asked me to pass on his sincere thanks for yesterday.  In his words you were top dollar and really cool.  Thank you for all your efforts in securing a great result for us” – email from instructing solicitor.


Academic qualifications

  • BPTC (Kaplan)
  • LLB (Newcastle University)


  • Academic Scholar (Canford School)
  • The Luboshez Award (Middle Temple)
  • Arnold and Porter Prize for Competition Law (N’cle)
  • Pinsent Masons Prize for Public Law (N’cle)
  • Cartmell Shepherd Mooting Prize

Professional bodies

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Western Circuit

Direct Access

Thomas Acworth is qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public and professional clients under the Direct Public Access scheme.

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