Theresa Lim

Theresa Lim

Year of Call: 2019
Solicitor: 2005
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0121 289 4333

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Theresa has a strong and in-depth knowledge and specialism in complex public and private law proceedings.  Objectively and effectively representing both lay and professional clients from all social backgrounds, maintaining a professional presence and providing a high standard of representation and client care to each client she represents.

Theresa regularly represents clients via the Official Solicitor; or in cases where clients and/or witnesses have additional educational needs, and/or participation directions have been given.

She is an expert in care and adoption and private children law cases, injunctions and domestic violence disputes.

Care and adoption

Theresa Lim regularly acts for parents, guardians, extended family members, intervenors, and the Official Solicitor.

She has a particular interest in NAI cases and has appeared in cases involving brain and skull injury, rib fractures, limb fractures,  extensive bruising and sexual abuse.

Theresa is experienced in representing parties in care cases involving:

  • Non accidental injury/death of a child
  • Sexual abuse (parent and or sibling)(acting for the alleged perpetrator/victim/non-perpetrating parent or carer)
  • Expert/medico-legal issues (including Factitious disorder by proxy)
  • Chronic neglect, drug and alcohol addiction (including cases in the FDAC)
  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse/offending
  • Serious mental illness/personality disorders
  • S.38(6) assessments
  • S.34 applications
  • Adoption/Special Guardianship/Wardship
  • Secure Accommodation/Deprivation of Liberty
  • Parents or children with special needs/cognitive impairment and capacity issues
  • Revocation of placement orders/discharge of Care Orders

As a solicitor, Theresa was the first to give notice to Birmingham City Council under S. 14 Children Act 1989 leading to one of the first Special Guardianship Orders being made in Birmingham.

Private law

Theresa Lim has a wide range of experience in private law applications, and applications under the Family Law Act.Theresa regularly acts for parents, carers, and Rule 16.4 Guardians.

Theresa is experienced in representing parties in private law cases involving:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse (parent and or sibling)(acting for the alleged perpetrator/victim/non-perpetrating parent or carer)
  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse/offending
  • Parental Alienation
  • Implacable hositility
  • Serious mental illness/psychological disorders
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Removal from the jurisdiction/relocation in England and Wales
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders including a child’s end of life care
  • S.91(14) Orders
  • Recovery Orders
  • Tipstaff
  • S.37 reports/ICO/ISO

Theresa has represented parties in non-molestation and occupation order proceedings and has combined the protective orders under the Children Act and Family Law Act to obtain protection for victims of domestic violence and so-called “honour” violence.

  • Recommendations

    “Tenacious and talented”.  "She is an advocate who will fight her client’s case tirelessly but fairly”. Theresa has the ability to “communicate with lay clients in a compassionate way, whilst in turn communicating effectively with her peers and the judiciary” – Head of Childcare Department

    “Exceptionally competent advocate” – Principal Solicitor

    “Theresa’s advocacy skills are excellent” – Solicitor & Director

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