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Kellie Salter

Year of Call: 2019
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 01202 292102

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Court of Protection

Kellie came to the bar following a 20-year career in Social Work, working in both Children’s and Adult’s services as a Social Worker but also in management roles. She has a particular interest in working with vulnerable clients, including older adults and adults with learning disabilities. She has held roles requiring her to make and oversee applications through the Court of Protection (COP) process on behalf of Local Authorities.

As a barrister, Kellie has undertaken inherent jurisdiction work for those aged under 18, property and affairs and health and welfare related COP applications. Having managed Social Work teams, she is keen to develop her practice in relation to decision-making as to aspects of individuals’ lives such as where clients should live or how they should best be supported within the realms of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Kellie’s background leads her to approach cases with sensitivity and a willingness to secure the best outcome for her client. She is skilled at being able to support clients to identify solutions at round table meetings so that matters can where possible be resolved between parties without requiring the intervention of the court.

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    "Kellie was extremely personable and immediately put my client at ease. She explained the purpose of the hearing to the client in layman’s terms and made sure the client understood the options available to her. She was well prepared and showed a good knowledge of the case. When we went in to discuss matters with the Respondent, who was a litigant in person, she was extremely calm and showed compassion and empathy which was lovely to see. She was extremely patient with the Respondent but also firm in explaining our client’s position. She put forward our client’s position before the Judge in a well prepared and precise manner and repeated the point of proportionality if we could not reach a final decision and she responded to the Judge’s questions really well.

    She sent me a well prepared note after the hearing and also drafted and filed the Order within a short space of time. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using Kellie again for similar cases as she was a perfect fit for this case." Instructing solicitor, May 2024

    “Kellie Salter was worth her weight in gold, she kept us calm and reassured all the way through.  She helped us come to decisions regarding contact etc, again calmly and was just genuinely fantastic, highly recommended!” Lay client, April 2024

    "I can not thank you enough for yesterday's result, you got the right result for (my son) at the end of the day" - Lay client, December 2023

    A solicitor - Client said you were absolutely fantastic, and asked for me to let you know how grateful she is to you" - Instructing solicitor, December 2023

    “Client was really pleased with you representing her and has asked me to book you again”Instructing solicitor, October 2023

    “Kellie was fantastic. She really dialled into what is going on and got the best outcome for everyone”Instructing solicitor, August 2023

    “I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and your expertise today in court. I felt comfortable in an unusual and distressing environment and this was all down  to you”Lay client, May 2023

    "My grateful thanks to Kelly for all the exceptional work she has put in for our client." - Instructing solicitor


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