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Judy Earle

Year of Call: 1994
Email Address: judy.earle@3pb.co.uk
Telephone: 01202 292102

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Judy Earle has a well established practice with over 20 years experience in family law catering for all aspects of public and private child law cases. Judy receives instructions from parents, extended family members, local authorities, Guardians, prospective special guardians and the Official Solicitor.

She prepares her cases with care, she is committed to providing a top quality service to solicitors and clients whether mediating, negotiating or handling contested matters.

Judy is particularly proficient when dealing with vulnerable clients whether as a result of  disability, their age, mental health difficulties, addiction or traumatic life experience. Judy’s approach means that she is sensitive and empathetic and able to advise on complex / challenging issues in a clear and considered manner.


  • Family
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    Public Law

    Judy regularly represents and advises on matters involving:

    • Sexual / physical / emotional abuse
    • Expert medico / legal issues / NAI
    • Serious mental health issues
    • Entrenched drug and alcohol addiction
    • Cognitive impairment / learning difficulties
    • Chronic neglect

    Judy’s practice covers the full spectrum of Public Law applications including :

    • Care orders / supervision orders
    • Placement applications, including applications to revoke Placement Order
    • Special guardianship orders
    • Wardship
    • ICO / EPO
    • Secure accommodation order
    • S.38(6) applications
    • Disclosure applications

    Private Law

    Judy regularly represents and advises on matters involving:

    • Intractable disputes concerning contact / living arrangements under child arrangements order
    • Allegations of sexual / physical  /emotional abuse
    • Domestic violence
    • Drug / alcohol addiction
    • Psychological / psychiatric issues in connection with adults / children
    • Expert evidence
    • Appointment of Guardian

    Judy is instructed on all aspects of Private Law proceedings including:

    • Child arrangements orders
    • Enforcement applications
    • Leave to remove from the jurisdiction
    • Specific issue / prohibited steps orders
    • Complex finding of fact hearings

    Recent cases:

    • Re D - Instructed on behalf of M over a 3 year period involving two sets of public law proceedings. Variety of issues spanning addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues. Achieved reunification on both occasions and continued placement with M and family members
    • Re T - Instructed on behalf of F. Complex mental health and addiction issues. F, M and paternal grandparents ruled out. LA plan for placement order / adoption. Achieved placement with paternal grandparents who were unrepresented, LA applications dismissed
    • Re H - Instructed on behalf of maternal grandmother in circumstances where her daughter, the M, had been murdered.  Multiple expert assessments. Achieved placement of all grandchildren into her care
    • Re B - Instructed on behalf of F. Allegation of NAI on baby - F alleged perpetrator. Achieved successful reunification to care of the parents
    • Re S - Instructed on behalf of M. Multiple allegations of sexual abuse, cultural issues. Alleged hostility to contact. Complex finding of fact hearing
    • Re E - Instructed on behalf of F. Successfully defended allegations at finding of fact hearing achieving reunification of children to F’s care avoiding plan for placement order / adoption
    • Re M - Instructed on behalf of LA. Lengthy and detailed history spanning a wide range of issues establishing significant harm.  Allegations of misuse of S.20, alleged infringement of Article 8
    • Re B - Instructed on behalf of M. Multiple allegations of sexual abuse. Complex finding of fact hearing, findings made at first instance but decision reversed on appeal
    • Re R - Instructed on behalf of M. Application to discharge care order.  Detailed history, cultural issues, allegations of racial discrimination. Complicated risk and welfare analysis
    • Re M - Instructed on behalf of F. Court of Appeal - Successfully appealed finding of fact in relation to rape
    • Re L - Instructed on behalf of F. Allegation of sexual risk in connection with previous convictions. Expert assessments. Achieved reunification to care of the parents
    • Re H - Instructed on behalf of teenage M. M lacking capacity, acting via OS. Complicated mental health issues
    • Re M/C - Instructed on behalf of LA. Intricate family history. Allegations of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, addictions, mental health.  Lack of capacity - OS instructed. Multiple fathers, findings sought in relation to 3 parties. Findings broadly achieved
    • Re Y/H - Instructed on behalf of M. Allegations of sexual abuse against F, finding of fact hearing, findings made. Findings appealed, successfully defended appeal and achieved S.91(14) bar to further applications.

Academic qualifications

  • BVC Inns of Court School of Law
  • LLB University of Westminster

Professional bodies

  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Western Circuit