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John Jessup

Year of Call: 2014
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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Construction and engineering


John Jessup has a strong grasp of construction theory and practice and a formidable level of technical knowledge.  John's working practice in areas of disputed fact is often to speak directly to employers, architects, contractors and experts with whom he is able to converse at a technical level.

John has married his experience of complex commercial disputes to his technical background and is well-placed to advise and provide representation on all aspects of construction law.  He is familiar with all standard forms of construction contract, and has appeared in several multi-track trials in construction matters.

John's previous work has involved drafting pleadings and witness statements for litigation and arbitration, and written submissions in adjudication. John has experience in working on homeowner/builder disputes and larger commercial disputes.

Recent cases

Cubex (UK) Limited v Balfour Beatty Group Limited [2021] EWHC 3445 (TCC)

CS v LE Ltd (2023): Ongoing. Representing the claimant seeking to recover sums invested into a joint construction venture. Part of the issue is how the investment agreement interacts with the decision of an adjudicator on a related matter.

AL & K Limited v IC Limited (2023). Ongoing. Representing the claimant homeowner in a homeowner/builder dispute. The case raises the question of whether and how the rights of the employer can be assigned after the dispute has arisen.

CP Ltd v GI Ltd & SF Ltd (2023): Ongoing. Representing the claimant developer in a dispute regarding allegedly negligent geotechnical surveys.

A Ltd v T (2023): Ongoing. Representing the defendant homeowner in a claim brought by a builder via an asset-less shell company.

C v T, Arbitration (2023): Represented, from case drafting through to final hearing, a construction industry membership association and succeeded in arguing that its preferred interpretation of certain founding documents was the correct one.

DW v M Ltd (2023): Provided rapid specialist advice and drafting in respect of an emerging construction dispute on a JCT Design and Build Contract.

MI Ltd v SM (2022): Represented a homeowner in a three-day homeowner/developer dispute, and succeeded on a defence of estoppel based on pre-contractual promises made by the developer's director.

International arbitration (2021): Assisted with drafting and conducted parts of cross-examination during a two-week arbitration between a government and a Caribbean contractor on a multi-million dollar construction dispute.

  • Articles
    • Bresco Electrical Services Ltd (in liquidation) v Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Ltd [2020] USC 25, or ‘‘kicking the door wide open’’

      3PB construction and commercial/insolvency barrister John Jessup predicted on Tuesday June 9 at the 3PB construction law webinar that the Supreme Court may push open the door left slightly ajar by Lord Justice Coulson at the Court of Appeal in the case of Bresco v Lonsdale [2019] EWCA Civ 27.

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