A practical guide to ET preparation and procedure: Stephen Wyeth gives talk for the ELA

Last month fee paid Employment Judge and employment law specialist, Stephen Wyeth gave a talk for the Cardiff ELA to an audience of employment law solicitors.   The talk entitled “Employment Tribunal Hearings: preparation and procedure – a practical guide” was, by its namesake, a very practical course focusing on tactics and tips for bringing and defending claims.  Topics covered included how to best present the evidence; how to ensure witnesses are impressive; drafting compelling ET1s and ET3s (and avoiding traps); overcoming problems with time limits (from the perspectives of both an employer and employee) and how to properly manage preliminary hearings.

Having given a similar talk to the Reading ELA earlier in the year, Stephen was invited to repeat the presentation to the Welsh membership of the ELA.  The event was hosted by Lewis Silkin LLP at their Cardiff office and was attended by around 30 members. The event was attended by a mix of practitioners from large and small firms including Partners, Associates and NHS Trust solicitors.

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