3PB Education Barristers author seminal new book on school exclusions and the law

10th November 2020

3D Schools

Education law specialist Charlotte HadfieldCharlotte HadfieldCall: 1999, who heads the Education Team, and her barrister colleague Alice de CoverleyAlice de CoverleyCall: 2014 have co-authored the first book on the law on school exclusion since 2002 - 'The Law in Relation to School Exclusions' published by Law Brief Publishing. The book will be launched officially on November 25 at 5pm in a Q&A interview of both authors via Zoom.

Exclusion from school is a sanction of last resort that can hugely and adversely impact a pupil’s life outcomes for many years. Moreover the law relating to school exclusions is a complex tangle of public and regulatory law, anti-discrimination and human rights, statutory guidance, and in relation to independent schools, also principles of commercial contract and tort.

Schools and parents alike find it very difficult to know where to start, whether challenging a decision to exclude or defending one.  This book offers a practical guide to the law, and serves as an excellent and useful source of reference from two leading education specialists for pupils and their parents, head teachers, governing boards of schools, local authorities and practitioners in this surprisingly complex and multidisciplinary area.

Published by Law Brief Publishing, “A Practical Guide to the Law in Relation to School Exclusions” is priced at £ 24.99. To get your own discount-price copy ( £ 22.49) if you are a 3PB client or regular contact, please email Chris Mitchell on or Tom Cox or call them on 0330 332 2633.