3PB Barristers trio represents defendants in UK largest conspiracy to drone-deliver drugs to prisons

3PB Barristers, Nick Cotter, Elisabeth Bussey-Jones and Adam Norris, have represented defendants in Birmingham Crown Court in relation to a conspiracy to bring drugs and other contra-band items including mobile phones into a variety of prisons across the UK by using of drones.  The “Drone Conspiracy” has been described as the largest ever seen in the UK. It involved various participants playing different roles in the use of drones to steer and navigate perimeter fences and deliver cannabis, crack cocaine and other drugs including synthetic drugs and other items to prison windows.

Whilst lengthy sentences have been passed in relation to some defendants, Nick Cotter’s client, represented by Adam Norris on the day, received a short suspended sentence. Elisabeth Bussey-Jones’s client is still awaiting sentence on an agreed basis of plea.

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