Declaration drafted by 3PB Barrister Graeme Sampson and Probyn Miers Architects is proposed at SCL/TECBAR seminars

On 24th November 2016 (London) and 24th January 2017 (Birmingham) HHJ Frances Kirkham presented a talk for the Society of Construction Law and TECBAR entitled ‘Can we trust the experts; focusing on expert evidence in ADR processes’.

A proposal was advanced that experts in ADR should provide a declaration, similar to that in CPR 35, to ensure that faith could be had in their evidence.

The name of the declaration was chosen by HHJ Kirkham to reflect its drafting by 3PB Barrister Graeme Sampson and Christopher Miers of Probyn Miers Architects.

Graeme would be happy to provide further information if requested.

Please contact or on 020 7583 8055.