3PB’s Mariya Peykova reviews the legal position of holiday claims during Covid-19

3PB’s pupil barrister Mariya Peykova reviews the legal position in relation to holidaymaker claims during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recent reports in the media suggest that some holidaymakers who have requested refunds have instead been offered credit notes, or deferred bookings. Mariya highlights the options available if holiday plans have been disrupted because of Covid-19, including package holidays, cancelled flights, accommodation and or other travel arrangements, insurance claims, and consumer credit rights.

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It is anticipated that the number of small claims relating to disrupted travel plans will rise sharply in the next few months, with the number of cancelled flights and package holidays rising in the upcoming months. It is important to remember that a lot of companies might go bankrupt in the near future, as social distancing rules continue to remain in place. It is thus important to claim against the correct entity at the right time. Seeking legal advice early is crucial.

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