Two 3PB barristers contribute to 'Lockdown Lawyers' - an anthology of poetry

23rd June 2020

David Richards and Emma Waldron are among the contributors to 'Lockdown Lawyers'; an anthology of poetry on how the COVID-19 crisis has hit legal aid lawyers and the provision of advice and advocacy.

There are over 50 contributions from barristers, solicitors, advisers and some of their family members. The poems range from haiku to multi-page poems and touch upon crime, mental health, the lack of courts and how practitioners are coping working from home (or not).

Edited by Emma Trevett and Jon Whitfield QC, Lockdown Lawyers aims to mark what has been the most unusual and difficult of times, show how despite the decades of cuts we as a sector have coped. It aims to raise a smile and most importantly, all proceeds to the book will be donated to Law Centres Network to continue their work for the most vulnerable people in society.

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