3PB's Peter Collie appointed onto the FIDIC Contract committee

12th February 2020

FIDIC today has strengthened its influential contracts committee with the arrival of a new chair Vincent Leloup and the appointment of barrister Peter Collie, 3pB's Head of Construction & Engineering, alongside Kiri Parr, regional legal counsel at Arup in Australia and Husni Madi, chief executive of Shura Construction Management in Jordan. The new chair Vincent Leloup is founder and managing partner at French construction contract consultancy Exequatur.

FIDIC’s contracts committee recommends to the FIDIC board which conditions of contract and related documents should be prepared or updated by the federation. The nine-strong international committee also works closely with FIDIC staff to establish task groups to monitor the committee’s work and review documents to ensure that they take account of the latest industry developments. Members of the committee also liaise with organisations interested in the FIDIC Rainbow suites Conditions of Contract.

Commenting on Peter, Kiri and Husni's appointments, FIDIC chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “I’m delighted that we have attracted three leading global legal, contractual and engineering experts to sit on the FIDIC contracts committee. The committee’s work is vital for FIDIC and I know that they will bring their significant and considerable knowledge and experience to the committee’s work in drafting, producing and regulating the popular FIDIC contract suites of construction and professional agreements and I look forward to working with them over the coming months and years."

Aisha Nadar, FIDIC board member responsible for the contracts committee, said: “I’m delighted that we have attracted such high-quality knowledgeable experts to sit on this crucial FIDIC committee. FIDIC contracts are highly regarded documents globally because they are written by engineers and practitioners in the industry and not lawyers, so they are structured in a way that understands risk, regularly updated and the people that draft them are practitioners from different geographical areas around the world. All this helps to ensure that FIDIC contracts FIDIC contracts remain the leading international contract publications for use on building and infrastructure projects.”

New contracts committee chair, Vincent Leloup, said: “Increasingly, FIDIC contracts are growing in influence in the international construction industry. I can’t wait to start work as the contracts committee’s new chair and to deliver its promising, though challenging, agenda over the next four years.”

The new full committee now consists of Peter Collie (UK) and Vincent Leloup (France), Siobhan Fahey (Ireland), Des Barry (Ireland), Deryl Earsom (USA), Matthias Neuenschwander (Switzerland), Adam Bialachowski (Poland), Husni Madi (Jordan), Kiri Parr (Australia).