3PB successful prosecution for gross negligence manslaughter at Wiltshire court martial

3PB’s Head of Chambers Nigel Lickley QC leading David Richards prosecuted an army officer for offence of gross negligence manslaughter and another officer and a warrant officer for negligent performance of duty arising from the death of soldier Michael Maguire on Castlemartin Ranges, West Wales in May 2012 during a live firing training exercise.

The 8 week trial was both factually and legally complex.

The case concerned the planning, organisation, and running of live firing ranges. Additionally, complex issues of causation were raised by the defence requiring careful reconstruction of the scene with accurate grid references, bearings etc in order to establish to the criminal standard the origin of the fatal round. Expert witnesses in ballistics, pathology, training for such activity and range management were called.

All three accused were convicted after trial.

On 24 July 2018 they were sentenced at Bulford Military Court Centre. Capt Price, convicted of gross negligence manslaughter, was sentenced to 18 months immediate imprisonment. The other two accused received service punishments.

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