3PB Barristers review three new regulatory law authorities since Covid-19 lockdown

11th May 2020

3PB’s David RichardsDavid RichardsCall: 1989, Head of the national chambers’ Public & Regulatory Law team, and pupil barrister Dr Tagbo IlozueDr Tagbo IlozueCall: 2019 have reviewed three new key regulatory cases, covering environment regulation, food safety and housing regulations, all handed down since the UK went into lockdown. Their review can be accessed by clicking here.

The case of Mustafa and Breslin v The Environment Agency deals with issues arising under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The housing regulation case of R (Mohamed and Lahrie) v Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Waltham Forest and Others [2020] considers the sufficiency of information required for lawful summonses, the mental element required for the offence of failing to licence an HMO, and when summonses for continuing offences will be out of time. In the food safety case of R (Tesco Stores Limited) v Birmingham Magistrates’ Court the Administrative Court considered the national and european legislation governing the criminal offence of offering out-of-date food for sale.

These three cases are additional to the two barristers’ “lockdown law” guide which was published by 3 Paper Buildings (3PB Barristers) last week which you can access here.

If you wish to speak with either barristers about any aspects of regulatory law, do email them on david.richards@3pb.co.uk or tagbo.ilozue@3pb.co.uk, or by contacting their Practice Director Chris Mitchell on chris.mitchell@3pb.co.uk.