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Speeding Convictions, Avoiding Them & The Consequences

3PB's Graham Gilbert on speeding convictions, avoiding them and their consequences. Graham Gilbert examines the recent sentencing decision of a man who used a device to avoid detection by police speed traps and asks if the penalty handed down was justified.

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Imminent Attack

3PB's Graham Gilbert examines the Attorney General's "imminent threat" criteria in the use of pre-emptive strikes. The Attorney General has said that the UK may use a preemptive attack against would-be terrorists in self-defence if an attack is "imminent". Graham Gilbert questions whether this is the best choice, given the difficulty the criminal courts have had with the concept.

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Accessories and Joint Enterprise: R v Jogee (Appellant) Supreme Court decision

R v Jogee (Appellant) Supreme Court 2016 UKSC 8 - a commentary by 3PB criminal law barrister Berenice Mulvanny following this Supreme Court decision

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