Tim Devlin

Tim Devlin

Year of Call: 1985
Email Address: tim.devlin@3pb.co.uk
Telephone: 01962 868884

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Tim Devlin is a formidable and successful advocate and adviser on all aspects of criminal law, including serious violence, sexual offences, firearms, drugs, fraud and associated activity. He has a prolific track record in successful prosecutions and defences in criminal trials. These have included:

Serious Crime

R v Richardson and Fletcher: Attempted murder case at Snaresbrook before HHJ Wilkinson. Both pleaded guilty to GBH and given 9 years apiece.

R v Mustafa and 5 others: Leading Junior for the Crown in this 3-month trial at Woolwich. 5 out of 6 of the defendants were convicted of a pre-planned burglary of a jeweller, handcuffing him and his wife, and stealing over £1m worth of jewellery and watches from his shop.

Operation Celery: Series of cases in which various layers of a drug-importation operation were prosecuted, culminating in the leader being extradited from Spain and prosecuted using Spanish intercept evidence. Value of the drugs was over £5million. All convicted.

R v CB and others: 14-handed prosecution of a violent disorder outside the house of an Asian family. Heard at Harrow Crown Court over 3 months. Leading junior.

R v Smith: Series of rapes and robberies using victim’s oyster cards on buses in east London. Acted alone against Queens Counsel and a junior, resulting in convictions.



Operation Union: Prosecuted with a junior a voluminous fraud with 9 defendants in Birmingham charged with buying and selling stolen vehicles and transferring cherished number-plates from their rightful owners to others for sale. 7 out of the 9 convicted. Lead conspirator absconded and left the country.

R v Stoker, Collins ,and Madridis: Fraud on British bakeries using non-existent agency drivers who were signed through the gate procedures and paid for delivering imaginary loads. All 3 convicted.

R v Treanor and Treanor: Purchase and sale of companies, siphoning off money and assets through a hidden bank account. Cross-examination of the key witness, a forensic accountant instructed by the defence, led to the revelation of how the fraud worked, and conviction of both defendants in Birmingham Crown Court.

R v Green: art dealer who defrauded his mother under a power of attorney, much reported in the national media.

R v Singh: Submission of forged doctor’s letters to an insurance company in relation to a fraudulent claim. Preparation of the case after a late return, and a new indictment, led to a plea at Croydon on the first day of trial.


Sexual Offences

R v NM: Historic sexual abuse dating back to 1970s of young nieces by familial uncle. 4 week trial defended by Queens Counsel and a junior, leading to convictions on all but two counts. This case involved consulting the Criminal Code of Grenada in relation to offences committed there.

R v SS: Conviction of the ring-leader of a group of Albanian men who picked up two drunken teenagers in Chingford, took them to a flat and raped them.

R v DH: Historic sexual abuse at a well-known school by the housemaster, involving witnesses now scattered throughout the world. Case stretched back to the 1970s and had previously been investigated without success. Change of plea to guilty after the third witness. Defendant attempted suicide on the first day of first trial.

R v AA: Male rape of a gay man by a Somalian man whom he had contacted using Blackberry messaging, and who then lured him to a remote piece of open ground in North London. Convicted.

R v K: Abduction, rape and false imprisonment of a 44 year old drunken woman with previous history of rapes, taken to a flat and held for two days by threats of violence and death. Trial at Wood Green, praised by the judge for sympathetic handling of the witness.

R v B: Took over a part-heard trial for prosecution due to the incapacity of Crown Counsel at close of the crowns case. After listening to the tapes of the complainant giving evidence, cross-examined the defendant and his wife, made a closing speech, which was said to be “excellent” by HHJ Lafferty and the defendant was convicted.

R v Al: Rape of a young Kurdish girl by her brother in a strict Muslim household. This case raised a number of difficult cultural issues, and demanded the utmost sensitivity. Convicted.

R v MG: Rape of a 4 year old boy by a 14 year old boy with learning difficulties, aided by an intermediary, and two consultant psychologists. Difficult points of law on fitness to plead were considered by the district judge in the youth court. Convicted.


Other serious crime

R v An: Death by dangerous driving and attempting to pervert the course of Justice. Commended by HHJ Carr for the way the case was conducted. Defendant guilty on count 1 regulation.

R v G: Prosecution of a bankrupt man who claimed to have borrowed money twice and lost it gambling in informal situations.

R v N: Definition of “Student” and “full-time” for the purposes of student loans and benefits. Short trial at Kingston.




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Academic qualifications

  • London School of Economics, BA History
  • City, University of London, Dip LS, Law

Professional bodies

  • Elected member, Bar Council
  • Chairman of the EU Law Committee, Bar Council
  • Committee member, Criminal Bar Association
  • Bencher and advocacy trainer, Lincolns Inn
  • Member, South East Circuit