His attention to detail combined with his calm approach to potential difficulties have won him praise both from those who instruct him and from juniors whom he has led. He deals mainly with serious sex cases, both prosecuting and defending, but also fraud, money laundering and serious violence.  He is a grade 4 prosecutor often instructed by the Hampshire Complex Case Unit, usually as a leading junior and frequently against a Q.C.


  • R. v. Suski [2016] 2 Cr.App.R. 3 (marital exemption in conspiracy does not extend to unmarried partners)
  • R. v. A [2009] EWCA Crim. 2571 (no obligation on police to disclose everything prior to interview)
  • R. v. Lambert [2009] EWCA Crim 2860 (blackmail)
  • R v. Mintern [2004] 2 Cr App R 343 (conspiracy indictments)
  • R v. Winchester Crown Court ex p Forbes [1999] 1 Cr App R 409 DC (custody time limits)
  • R v. Sharp (C) [1988] 1 WLR 7 (HL) (hearsay, mixed statements)


  • R. v. Dler Fariq Mohammed (2017)  Attempted murder
  • R. v. J & M (2016) Historic allegations of buggery against teenage boys
  • R. v.  CC (2016) Leading for prosecution in case of historic sexual abuse by foster carer
  • R. v. SBN (2015) Facebook communications and sexual activity with children. Case involving undercover police officers
  • R. v. Hawkins (2015) Attempted murder, defending
  • R. v. AA and others (2015) Defending in substantial conspiracy to supply class A drugs
  • R. v. Suski and others (2014) Leading for prosecution in substantial money laundering and receiving case
  • Operation Arcade (2013) Leading for prosecution of gang accused of kidnapping and blackmail in relation to drug debt
  • R. v. Kent (2013) Defendant accused of multiple rapes on several females. Leading for prosecution
  • R. v. Gordon (2012)   Historic “stranger rape”; cold case review based on new DNA evidence
  • R. v. Lawrence & Francis (2012) Leading for the prosecution in drugs related shooting
  • R. v. Weir (2012) Leading for prosecution in case of attempted murder
  • R. v. B (2012 Prosecuting familial child sex abuse case; defendant sentenced to 19 years imprisonment
  • R. v.  P. (2012) Prosecuting historic familial sex allegations going back 40 years. Defendant sentenced to 22 years imprisonment
  • R. v. S (2012)   Successfully defended father on charges of sex offences with daughter
  • R. v Badland & others (2012) Successfully defended 1 of 6 defendants on conspiracy to steal imported cigarettes
  • R. v. Chowdhury (2012) Prosecuting defendant who ran a Ponzi scheme involving the Bangladeshi community in Portsmouth and elsewhere.
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