Michael Parroy QC

Year of Call: 1969
Year of Silk: 1991
Email Address: michael.parroy@3pb.co.uk
Secure Email: michael.parroy.qc@3paper.cjsm.net
Telephone: 020 7583 8055

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Michael Parroy is a highly experienced senior criminal and civil practitioner. He has been involved in a wide range of serious criminal cases of all types, acting for both Crown and Defence.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Murder and manslaughter, including corporate manslaughter (he was part of the defence team in the Zebrugge ferry disaster involving the capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise)
  • Rape and other sexual offences including cases where the evidence is historically dated
  • Financial frauds including VAT and tax offences
  • Drug importation and dealing


  • Crime
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    Michael Parroy is highly respected senior criminal practitioner.  He has wide experience in most criminal fields including murder and manslaughter, financial and white collar crime, money laundering and drug cases.  He specializes in confiscation and restraint of assets.

    He was amongst those instructed to prosecute in the Op. Elvenden series of cases involving Sun journalists.  He recently appeared in the Supreme Court in Barnes v Eastenders Ltd, a case dealing with the law on management receivers and their powers and remuneration.

    Recent Cases

    • R v Parker
      2014 Prosecution of a Sun journalist as part of Op. Elvenden.
    • R. v Kay and others
      Prosecution of a group of Sun journalists and others involving allegations of misconduct in public office.
    • Barnes v Eastenders Ltd.
      Appeared for the CPS in the Supreme Court in a complex case involving the law on management receivers.
    • R. v Evans and Others
      Prosecution of  defendants alleged to have committed conspiracy to defraud in connection with a Welsh coal mining business.  Major issues of law regarding conspiracy to defraud and voluntary bills of indictment.
    • R. v Majid and others
      Prosecution counsel in the largest MTIC fraud prosecution, Operation Euripus”.  Involved a widespread conspiracy to defraud with an estimated tax loss of £400,000,000
    • R. v Khan
      Prosecution of money launderer which involved movements of monies to Spain through complex money transactions including Swiss Banks, Delaware corporations etc.
    • R. v Shanley
      Prosecution of the only Defendant convicted following the disclosure of the holders of Swiss bank accounts holding undeclared funds.
    • R. v Thayaparan and others
      Prosecution counsel in a major money laundering case.  This involved the operation of a bureau de change where criminal funds were exchanged for high value Euro notes and funds were transferred to India and Sri Lanka.
    • R v Dahdaleh
      Instructed for the SFO on the restraint aspect of a major alleged fraud involving international business operations.

    Historic cases worthy of note

    • Murder and manslaughter, including corporate manslaughter (he was part of the defence team in the Zeebrugge ferry disaster involving the capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise
    • Alliss v Maule - Defence 2002
      Represented one Defendant at a murder trial in 1991. He was acquitted. The family of the Deceased then sued the same Defendant in a civil action, tried in 2002 before a High Court Judge. Issues as to the interaction between the original evidence and that admissible in the civil arena. The Defendant was once more found not to be liable.
    • Blexar Ltd. v HMRC 2010-2011
      Issues of law re the application of restraint orders and their relationship with charging orders.
    • Crotek Ltd. v HMRC 2011
      Case for the Respondents in the First Tier Tribunal. Application by Crotek to recover several millions of pounds of VAT rebates. Respondents alleged that this was tainted by fraud and that the Applicants were involved in MTIC trading.
    • Plazadome Ltd. v HMRC 2009
      Case for the Respondents in the VAT Tribunal. Challenge to a refusal to pay a VAT rebate in the case of an invalid invoice with a background of possible MTIC fraud. Important ruling about the correct approach in law in invalid invoice cases and the application of the discretion of the Commissioners to accept alternative proof of transactions.
    • R v Brian Brendon Wright (aka 'the Milkman') - Operation Extend - Prosecution 2006/7
      The Defendant was said to be the head of one of the largest and most sophisticated organisations ever to be involved in the large scale importation of cocaine into the UK. In all about 3,000 kilos of high grade drugs were imported from S. America. The case involved about 16,000 pages of exhibits and 3,000 pages of witness statements. Upon conviction the Defendant was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
    • R v Davies 2010
      Case involving manslaughter where the victim was a child who had been medicated with methadone. Interesting medico/legal issues where previous medication in the same way had caused no harm but on the fatal occasion the child was suffering from a rare complication of chicken pox which was undiagnosed.
    • R v Dawson and others - Prosecution 2005
      Case involving the importation of stolen Japanese 4x4 cars and their sale and "ringing" in the UK. Issues of law as to theft in Japan and use within this country when owned by Japanese insurers.
    • R v Ephgrave and Others - Defence 2003
      Following a feud between some groups a vehicle was damaged and its keys thrown away. Thereafter there was a confrontation in which the client was wrestled to the ground with the victim when one of the others stabbed him to death with a chisel. Issues of law as to joint enterprise were involved. Judge directed acquittal of the client on murder and manslaughter.
    • R v Evans and others - Defence 2005
      The Defendant represented was one of 7 paratroopers tried before the Judge Advocate General at a General Court Martial lasting about 2 months for the murder of an Iraqi civilian after the end of hostilities. The case involved large quantities of translated material and close consideration of the quality of an investigation and the evidence obtained in Iraq. Issues of military and international law covering such matters as the Rules of Engagement involved. The prosecution case was so substantially damaged by the defence attack that the Judge Advocate General stopped the case and directed verdicts of 'Not Guilty'.
    • R v Gibson & Gibson - Prosecution 2004
      Murder by a father and son of the son's wife. The body was taken and dumped at sea in the Solent. The case required the Crown to satisfy the jury that the wife was dead despite the lack of a body. Much of the most important evidence involved careful analysis of the mobile phone records of the parties concerned.
    • R v Knapman and Legg - Prosecution 2005
      Following a collision between 2 articulated lorries, which resulted in the death of both drivers, issues were raised as to excessive hours etc. The proprietors of the agency, which provided one of the drivers, were prosecuted for manslaughter as well as other Health and Safety charges. Complex issues of law involved re employment and self-employment as well as technical issues on tachographs and drivers' hour's regulations.
    • R v Lescott and others - Defence 2002
      Represented one of a group of young black males who attempted to steal drugs and money from another older dealer. The dealer was shot dead with a hand gun. Which was a converted air pistol. Crown accepted, at the end of their case and after submissions, a plea to manslaughter.
    • R v Lewin - Prosecution 2005
      Allegation of murder. The Crown case depended upon computerised reconstruction of vehicle movements to place the Defendant in the vicinity of the Deceased at the relevant time.
    • R v Markham - Prosecution 2003
      Defendant attacked and killed a friend with whom he had fallen out. He then cut up the body and distributed parts in a local park and left some at this home. He then left the country and was arrested in Central Park, New York; the defendant was the extradited back to the UK for trial. This was a very high profile case and received media reports both in the UK and American press.
    • R v Murphy - Defence 2002
      Represented a father accused of causing non-fatal brain damage to his baby by shaking on a number of occasions. Very complex medical evidence due to the obstetrical history and the subsequent problems, which the child had anyway.R v Newport and others - Defence 2004
      The case involved the then largest seizure of cocaine on the UK mainland. The drugs were inserted into the blade of a bulldozer, which was exported to Ecuador and then re-imported into the UK before the drugs were found and seized in the W. Midlands.
    • R v O'Loughlin and others 2007-8
      Defence in a case involving the largest domestic burglaries ever in the UK. A group targeted country houses and stole important antiques. Issues of law in the Court of Appeal about the use of interlocutory appeals by the Crown
    • R v P. H. & H. 2011
      Issues of law re the application of restraint orders before charge and the proper legal tests to be applied by the Tribunal in deciding whether or not to grant such applications by the Crown.
    • R v Rathmalane - Prosecution 2002
      This case was known by the national press as "the body in the suitcase" matter. It involved two Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka who had come to the UK to earn money for their temples at home, both had been employed at a hotel in Hampshire.. Subsequently there had been a falling out about the need for strict observance of Buddhist principles. One attacked and killed the other with a meat cleaver and then concealed his body in a suitcase, which was left at a railway station.
    • R v Razzell - Prosecution 2003
      The Defendant was alleged to have meticulously planned and executed the murder of his wife and the disposal her body. She was seen to walk into an alley in Swindon and then she vanished, to date no body has ever been recovered. The Crown's case hung on very detailed and lengthy analysis of the telephone traffic of the Defendant and the Deceased. The forensic science evidence was also unusual and was pivotal in obtaining a picture of the wife having been carried, whilst bleeding, in the boot of a car borrowed by the Defendant.
    • R v Redmond - Defence 2006
      Murder case where my client was alleged to have stamped a man to death when very drunk. Issues of law as to the ability to form an intention, provocation, self-defence etc.
    • R v Selby - Prosecution 2006
      A Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud case. The Defendant was the operator of a French company which was used to provide the paperwork etc. showing zero rated exports of mobile phones from France to the UK, sometimes via Spain, which then led to the loss, within the UK, of many millions of pounds of VAT.
    • R v Soares and Others - Prosecution 2000-2001
      A major drug importation case involving a massive quantity of cocaine. The drugs were brought over from the West Indies on yachts and then landed and distributed in the UK. The case lasted 15 months in all and involved a trial of 7 Defendants, others pleaded guilty.
    • R v Stephenson - Prosecution 2005
      Murder of a masseuse in her own home. Major issues as to the forensic science evidence and mobile telephone timings and locations.
  • Public and Regulatory
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    Michael Parroy is a leading silk in drug importation and money laundering law. He is familiar with all aspects of confiscation and restraint, having appeared in a number of the largest conspiracy cases held in the UK over the last 10 years. He advises on complex procedural matters and is particularly familiar with the relevant provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. He acts as leading counsel for both defendants and prosecuting authorities alike, has an extensive civil background, and is noted for the practical solutions he brings to matters in which he is instructed.


Michael Parroy QC  is recommended by the Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2017:
Highly experienced barrister with a diverse criminal practice. He is instructed on a range of matters including drug cases, white-collar crime and serious violent offences, and has particular expertise in confiscation and restraint of assets.
Strengths: "He is outstanding - a Rolls-Royce practitioner."
Recent work: Instructed by the CPS to act in R v Dennis and Wilson, a major drug importation case.

Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2016:

Crime - Western (Bar) - Band 3
Michael Parroy QC – 
A veteran practitioner with a broad criminal practice. He advises on matters involving rape and other serious sexual offences and defends and prosecutes drug importation, financial fraud and tax offence cases.
Recent work:Acted as prosecution counsel in R v Parker, a case arising from the Leveson Inquiry.

Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2015.

Crime - Western Bar - Band 1 Set
Michael Parroy QC has a broad criminal practice covering a wide range of serious crime, including homicides, serious sexual offences and financial fraud cases.
Expertise: "He is a tireless worker with great attention to detail."

Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2014.

Crime - Western Circuit
Michael Parroy QC is well known for acting in homicide cases, especially corporate manslaughter. He also both prosecutes and defends a broad range of other serious criminal matters.
Expertise: “He has excellent advocacy and advisory skills; he is objective in the assessment of the evidence and has very good skills in dealing with the opposing side.”

Michael Parroy QC is recommended by the Legal 500 Bar Directory 2016 for his expertise in the London Bar.
Fraud - crime (including money laundering and asset forfeiture) – Leading silks
Michael Parroy QC - He prosecutes in MTIC and money laundering cases

Michael Parroy QC is recommended by the Legal 500 Bar Directory 2015 for his expertise in the London Bar.
Fraud - crime (including money laundering and asset forfeiture) – Leading silks
Michael Parroy QC - Always well prepared and highly respected by senior judges

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Academic qualifications

  • MA (Oxon)

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • Recorder
  • Legal Adviser to the General Dental Council
  • Master of the Bench (Middle Temple)
  • Serious Fraud Office Queen's Counsel list
  • Legal Assessor to the General Optical Council
  • Legal Assessor to the General Medical Council
  • Legal Assessor to the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Professional bodies

  • Association of Military Court Advocates
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Personal Injury Bar Association (PIBA)
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