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Lucy Hendry QC

Year of Call: 1988
Year of Silk: 2021
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Telephone: 01202 292 102

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Public Law

Lucy Hendry QC accepts instructions on behalf of parents, children, intervenors, wider family members and local authorities.

Lucy is known for her formidable cross examination, informed by her ability to analyse lay professional and expert evidence in the most complex and unwieldy of cases.   She is rigorous in her research, especially with regard to evolving medical and scientific / genetic issues, which tend to be prevalent in her caseload.

She has particular interest and expertise in the following:

  • Allegations of child death, catastrophic brain injury and NAHI (non accidental head injuries / shaken baby allegations)
  • Extremely serious physical injury, including poisoning, bites, burns and lesions
  • Fabricated and induced illness - in parents and their children
    Medical best interest decisions for subject children
  • Allegations of sexual abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Issues of cultural diversity and whether state intervention is justified
  • Vulnerable witnesses: children, young people and parents with cognitive and sensory impairments
  • Personality disorders, mental health and addiction issues affecting parenting capacity

Private Law

Lucy is renowned for dealing with sensitive and seemingly intractable cases.  First and foremost, a highly effective advocate in the courtroom, Lucy is also renowned for taking a collaborative child focused approach to try to achieve agreed and enduring arrangements for children, thereby reducing the risk polarisation between parents and averting the need for a trial.

She has a particular interest and expertise in the following:

  • Allegations of 'alienation', often including applications for a transfer of residence
  • Serious allegations of abuse of subject children: sexual, physical and emotional
  • Allegations of rape by spouse or partner
  • Domestic Abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour: the application of PD12J
  • Complex cases requiring intervention by the local authority
  • Separate representation of competent children
  • Internal and / or international relocation

Recently reported cases:

  • Lancashire County Council -v- M (1) F (2) and C (3 By his Children’s Guardian) [2020] EWFC 43
  • C v D [2020] EWFC 83
  • PR v JS (Re-opening of fact finding: allegations of sexual abuse) [2019] EWFC 69
  • PR v JS & TR (Appeal: Sexual Abuse, Fact Finding) [2019] EWHC 791 (Fam)
  • Re T (A Child) [2018] EWCA Civ 650, [2018] 2 FLR 926

Notable cases in the last 3 years:

  • Re L (2021) Representing a mother who, together with the father, face allegations of human trafficking and exposing their son to risky persons and to organised crime
  • Re B (2021) Representing a father facing allegations that he caused the death of one twin by shaking and a number of fractures to the other twin.  Complex medical issues exacerbated by prematurity
  • Re H (2021). Representing a mother whose teenage son was cleared of terrorism charges.  At final hearing, I achieved findings of coercive and controlling behaviour against the father as well as successfully supporting the child's allegations of physical and emotional harm - against the father
  • Re O (2021). Representing a father who faced allegations of causing significant harm to his baby (near drowning and several fractures). Contrary to the treating clinician's view my chosen expert confirmed a single fracture and, critically, that the father's account of the incident was consistent with harm being caused accidentally.  Successful reunification of baby and both parents.
  • Re B (2020).  Representing a young mother with significant learning difficulties and sensory impairment (deafness).  Through cross examination I successfully demonstrated that the children's accounts of sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by their mother, her partner and other third parties over several years were inherently unreliable.  As a consequence, the court refused to make findings of sexual abuse against my client and others.
  • Re H (2020).  Representing a father whose ex-wife, in the aftermath of an acrimonious divorce, was found by the court to have fabricated and exaggerated illness in their teenage daughter.  The court further determined that as a consequence of the mother's conduct, the daughter had somatised her own clinical signs and presentation.
  • C v D (2020). Representing a father seeking contact with his son in circumstances where the court had found that he had raped and otherwise abused the mother.
  • Re L (2019). Representing a father whose youngest child had died as a consequence of 'overlaying'.  Despite this and further injuries (fractures) that predated the child's death, the court ultimately approved a plan for reunification of the older two children with my client and the mother.
  • Re S (2019). Successful appeal on behalf of a father falsely accused by the mother of sexually abusing their 4-year old daughter.  At a subsequent rehearing, my client was exonerated of all allegations of sexual abuse and, after expert intervention, contact between himself and his daughter resumed.
  • Re T & T (2019): Representing a vulnerable teenage mother, I achieved findings that her partner, rather than she, had been responsible for causing 19 fractures to their 8-week old baby.
  • Re D (2019): Representing the children, I differentiated between cultural issues (Arabic and Russian) and deficient parental care - particularly in respect of the youngest of 4 children who had unmet specialist health needs.

Other cases of note beyond 3 years:

  • Re T (2018). Acting pro bono on behalf of the mother, I was instrumental in the appeal being allowed.  Describing the case as "unprecedented", the Court of Appeal held that the judge was wrong when she made care / placement orders after the local authority refused to act on her judgment that the child be brought up within the family and not placed for adoption.
  • Re O (2018).  Representing a mother whose child, in the context of  intractable and complex marital breakdown, had become mute and was refusing to attend school.
  • Re B (2018).  Representing a father who faced allegations of shaking his 2- month old baby. Proceedings concluded with the court approving a plan for reunification of the family.
  • Re W (2017). Representing a mother who tried to drown her 5 year old son whilst suffering with a serious psychotic / mental illness.  The central issue at final hearing was whether it was in the child's best interest for him to be rehabilitated to his mother’s care.
  • Re C (2017). Representing a 14 year old child, who required detention, assessment and treatment under the Mental Health Act in a secure psychiatric unit.
  • Re S&G (2016). Representing parents of three children whose adoptive placements had broken down.
  • Re K (2016). Seeking and obtaining leave from the Court of Appeal for a mother to defend adoption proceedings in respect of her two children.
  • Re S (2016). Representing the guardian.  The subject child was made a ward of court so that a best interests medical plan could be achieved in the face of persistent obstruction by both parents.
  • Re K (2016). Representing the children.  Findings of inflicted head injury to a 6-month old baby made against both parents. Post assessment the court was able to approve a final care plan for the children to be cared for by their parents whilst living with members of their wider family.
  • Re G (2015). Representing a father accused of shaking his baby.  Both parents exonerated and the family was reunited.
  • Re L (2015). Representing the children whose mother had been murdered by their father.  Achieving placement of both children with their grandmother.


  • Recommendations

    Experienced children law specialist whose expertise extends across public and private law. She is active in highly sensitive matters involving allegations of sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries, often with linked issues of drugs and alcohol abuse. Sources laud her patience and ability to deal with vulnerable clients.
    Strengths: "She is brilliant with clients and she is always thoroughly prepared and extremely conscientious." "She prepares cases is a very logical and thorough way, yet always has dynamic ways of progressing matters."

    Chambers UK 2021/Family - Matrimonial/Western (Bar)

    She acts on cases involving wide-ranging issues including adoption, abuse, neglect, addiction and mental health. Her clients include parents, guardians and local authorities.
    Strengths: "She's brilliant with clients, fantastic to deal with and is very conscientious. She can process large amounts of information very quickly and keeps you up to speed. She is very approachable and helpful with anything you might need."

    Chambers UK 2020/Family - Matrimonial/Western (Bar)

    "Incredibly bright and hard-working." "A formidable advocate. She is always professional and pays excellent attention to detail."

    Chambers UK 2019/Family - Matrimonial/Western (Bar)


    ‘Lucy is incredibly hard-working, clever and has exceptional attention to detail. Her cross- examination is precise, thorough, pertinent and relentless, and her written submissions are both analytical and flawless.’

    Legal 500 2022/Child Law (Public and Private)/Leading Silks/Western Circuit

    ‘Lucy is a formidable advocates with admirable attention to detail and forensic analysis of a case. She has an outstanding ability to digest large amounts of evidence in short order and present her case to the court. She is brilliant with her client care and clients always feel at ease with her representing them.’

    Legal 500 2021/Child Law (Public and Private)/Leading Juniors/Western Circuit

    ‘Combines second-to-none client skills with great intellect and a faultless work ethic.’

    Legal 500 2020/Family and children law/Leading juniors/Regional Bar - Western Circuit

    ‘A fabulous junior with the makings of a silk.’

    Legal 500 2018/19/Family and children law/Leading juniors/Regional Bar - Western Circuit

    ‘Subtle in her dealings and very effective in court.’

    Legal 500 2017/Family and children law/Leading juniors/Regional Bar - Western Circuit

    'Hardworking, persistent and excellent on her feet.'

    Legal 500 2016/Family and children law/Leading juniors/Regional Bar - Western Circuit

    'She is sensible in negotiations, exerting a calming influence on the case as a whole.'

    Legal 500 2015/Family and children law/Leading juniors/Regional Bar - Western Circuit

    '3PB’s Lucy Hendry ‘stands out’.'

    Legal 500 2013/14/Family/Western Circuit

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Academic qualifications

  • LLB (Hons) Law, Kingston

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • Accredited Mediation Advocate

Professional bodies

  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Western Circuit