Jennifer Kotilaine

Year of Call: 2011
Email Address:
Telephone: 01865 793 736

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‘Jennifer is diligent and thorough in the cases she deals with. She approaches each matter with sensitivity and will put forward her client’s case fearlessly and to the best of her ability, even against the odds.’

‘Jennifer is someone I turn to in particular to assist with cases in which we represent older children. She manages them beautifully and sensitively, cares about the outcome of their cases and invests herself fully in their representation.’

‘I have been particularly impressed by Jennifer's ability to deal with care cases with a foreign element. She understands the many problems of assessing family abroad and navigates the issues with great skill.’

‘Jennifer has a kind and empathetic manner and will make any client feel well supported and that she cares about getting the best outcome for them.’

‘Jennifer’s positive, calm and helpful approach and expertise in this very complex matter were invaluable to this case and it was a great pleasure working with her. She came highly recommended and I will certainly look forward to instructing her in the future and recommending her to colleagues.’

‘Jennifer was extremely helpful to the social work team and identified solutions in a very enabling and supportive manner.  The social workers really felt that they were all part of one team.’

‘Her very clear, concise and frank advice on the legality of our policy [in relation to Special Guardian allowances] has been escalated to the highest level. We will now be redrafting our policy accordingly.’

‘Your piece [on local authority duties to unaccompanied migrant children] was immensely informative and easy to follow and beautifully written.  Thank you-- though I am very perturbed about that massive glistening iceberg that is in our path that you have just illuminated.’

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Academic qualifications

  • BA/BMus (High Honors), Oberlin College & Conservatory, USA
  • PhD in Music, Harvard University USA
  • MA (Jurisprudence), University of Oxford
  • BVC (Very Competent), City Law School


  • Major Exhibition, Inner Temple
  • Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Award, Inner Temple
  • Certificates of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University (1994-1999)

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • Family Mediator (Resolution)

Professional bodies

  • ALC
  • FLBA
  • Inner Temple
  • Resolution (Associate Member)