Hugh-Guy Lorriman

Year of Call: 2014
Email Address:
Telephone: 01962 868 884

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Personal Injury

Since beginning the practising period of pupillage Hugh-Guy has been appearing in the county courts on Personal Injury cases on a weekly basis. He appears on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants.

Hugh-Guy’s approach is to prepare thoroughly, including, when it assists, talking through the claim with the professional client. Second, he looks to identify the crucial point which will tip the claim in favour of the client’s position. Finally, he looks to take the temperature of the court and, therefore, as appropriate, re-evaluate.

Notable cases include persuading a court to depart from the usual global award approach for a personal injury claim by using the ‘take your victim as you find her’ argument. The Claimant, who had Multiple Sclerosis, beat her own offer thereby triggering part 36 costs consequences.

Clients said:

‘I really appreciated your input prior to the hearing.’

‘Your efforts at the hearing were fantastic and the Claimant is very pleased with the outcome (as am I).’

‘Hugh-Guy rang me the day before trial to talk through the medical evidence and how I valued the claim, which I appreciated. He thoroughly researched and prepared the case and made very compelling arguments. His hard work paid off with the amazing result yesterday. In addition he was able to persuade the DDJ to award my client interest at the highest rate. My client is very happy.

‘Hugh-Guy is a credit to 3PB. I have no reservation in instructing him again.’

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Academic qualifications

  • Sorbonne Paris IV
  • St. Andrews university (MA Honours, Classics)
  • City University, London (Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Cambridge University (PhD student)


  • Economic and Social Research Council 2014 PhD research grant
  • Nominated for top Officer Cadet of the U.K. Armed Services University Officer Training Corps

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • Bar Practitioner Training Course (City University) 2014
  • Civil Mediator (ADR group) 2014