HG Lorriman

Hugh-Guy Lorriman

Year of Call: 2014
Email Address: hugh-guy.lorriman@3pb.co.uk
Telephone: 01962 868 884

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Hugh-Guy both prosecutes and defends. He takes instructions to undertake both court advocacy and written advice.


Violence including domestic violence and assault: cases included allegations of assault by partner on partner, step-parent on stepchild, bailiff on tenant, ABH - stepfather on father, criminal damage, threats of knife violence against children, assault PC, bullying assault school age children on peer.

Sexual offences: sexual assault, cross generation and sibling incest and rape, attempted stranger rape, rape based on intoxication of victim, historical sexual abuse of child by older neighbour, sexual assault of a child on a bus, sexual activity in the presence of a child by a step-relation, school-based child sexual offences between children.

Theft: valuables taken from where covered outside a house, theft of copper piping, theft of charity box in a takeaway outlet.

Driving offences: drink driving, drug driving, ‘using’ a mobile phone, speeding offences, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance

Other: trading standards, offences under the Malicious Communications Act (race / hate crime).

Examples of cases


  • Not guilty verdict after trial in an assault by beating case with sexual offence and domestic violence elements. The aggrieved alleged that ‘love bites’ were non-consensual. The use of mobile phone evidence in cross examination proved crucial.
  • Not guilty verdict after trial on two trading standards charges. Hugh-Guy submitted a detailed skeleton argument refuting the legal basis for the charges.
  • On appeal to the crown court, Hugh-Guy represented the defendant in a legally and factually complex case, against highly experienced counsel. The defendant was acquitted.
  • Finding of exceptional hardship in favour of the defendant after eliciting evidence in court that D took the principal role among her siblings in caring for a mother with suicidal tendencies.


  • Guilty verdict after trial for drink driving after submitting that the Defendant had failed to discharge the burden of proof for the hip flask defence. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination assisted the court (DJ) to find that the number of full and empty cans of lager in the Defendant’s car did not accord with his story of quickly drinking two when on a private road.
  • Guilty verdict after trial of ABH. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination of the Defendant and subsequent submissions as to the legal elements of self-defence assisted the court to find that the Defendant’s actions were neither necessary nor proportionate.

Financial Qualifications

Hugh-Guy's financial qualifications underpin his interest in white collar crime.

  • Chartered Financial Analyst. Hugh-Guy had a previous career as a financial analyst and was a highly ranked stock exchange share price pundit. He obtained the coveted chartered financial analyst CFA designation with CFA institute in 2005.
  • Forensic accounting. In May 2020 Hugh-Guy successfully completed the (Crime) forensic accounting course with BPP.
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Academic qualifications

  • Sorbonne Paris IV Diplôme
  • St. Andrews university (MA Honours, Classics)
  • City University, London (Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Cambridge University (PhD student)


  • Economic and Social Research Council 2014 PhD research grant
  • Nominated for top Officer Cadet of the U.K. Armed Services University Officer Training Corps

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • BSB - Forensic Accountancy Course (BPP) 2020
  • Bar Practitioner Training Course (City University) 2014
  • Civil Mediator (ADR group) 2014
  • Chartered Financial Analyst 2005