Hugh-Guy Lorriman

Year of Call: 2014
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Telephone: 01962 868 884

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Hugh-Guy is a barrister specialising in crime and employment/discrimination cases. Prior to pupillage, Hugh-Guy has represented claimants in both the Employment and Social Security Tribunals as a Free Representation Unit representative. Hugh-Guy developed his advocacy skills for the Bar by engaging in extensive training with Inner Temple Debating society, winning a debate on administrative law with Middle Temple students before Rhodri Price QC. With the Inner Temple Drama Society, Hugh-Guy has acted in three plays written and directed by Nigel Pascoe QC, two court-room dramas at the Supreme Court open day and one student pantomime.

Hugh-Guy developed his passion for advocacy during a previous career as a business analyst that spanned both financial services and advising businesses on their strategy and tactics. He also spent several years in the Officers Training Corps and Army Reserve in which he developed his leadership and presentational skills.

Client care

Hugh-Guy has an excellent understanding of the client care skills that assist in serving the clients of the Bar, both professional and lay. His previous career required him to develop a considerable understanding of the needs of the professional client. His charitable work which has included couples counselling (HTB marriage preparation course) and caring for the handicapped (Lourdes over 14 years) has helped him to develop empathy and respect for the needs and feelings of those undergoing a case.


Prior to Pupillage Hugh-Guy has been researching a doctorate (on-going) at Cambridge University (Queens' College) under the supervision of Professor Martin Dixon. This has studied the working of the First Tier Property Tribunal Land Registration Division since its / his inception as the former Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, both in terms of jurisdiction and general property law. Hugh-Guy wrote an article on as published as a case note in the July 2016 edition of the Conveyancer and Property Lawyer.


Hugh-Guy runs ultra-marathons, directs his own plays, paints watercolours and speaks French and German. He also has a young family.


  • Crime
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    Since beginning the practising period of pupillage Hugh-Guy has been appearing in the magistrates’ court on Criminal cases on a weekly basis. He both prosecutes and defends.

    Notable cases include:

    Not guilty verdict after trial in an assault by beating case with sexual offence and domestic violence elements. The aggrieved alleged that ‘love bites’ were non-consensual. The trial judge, although stating he had ‘suspicions’ could not be sure, after text messages showing a ‘first account,’ which undermined the non-consensual allegation, were put to the aggrieved in cross-examination.

    Not guilty verdict after trial on two trading standards charges. Hugh-Guy submitted a detailed skeleton argument refuting the legal basis for the charges.


    Guilty verdict after trial for drink driving after submitting that the Defendant had failed to discharge the burden of proof for the hip flask defence. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination assisted the court (DJ) to find that the number of full and empty cans of lager in the Defendant’s car did not accord with his story of quickly drinking two when on a private road.

    Guilty verdict after trial of ABH. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination of the Defendant and subsequent submissions as to the legal elements of self-defence assisted the court to find that the Defendant’s actions were neither necessary nor proportionate.

    Clients said:

    [Following Hugh-Guys first criminal trial] Mr ‘A’ was very pleased with Hugh-Guy Lorriman and would like him to do the appeal. He is now on our approved list of counsel.’

    ‘Many thanks for stepping in and for the good result.’

    ‘Great result. Client delighted.’

  • Personal Injury
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    Since beginning the practising period of pupillage Hugh-Guy has been appearing in the county courts on Personal Injury cases on a weekly basis. He appears on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants.

    Hugh-Guy’s approach is to prepare thoroughly, including, when it assists, talking through the claim with the professional client. Second, he looks to identify the crucial point which will tip the claim in favour of the client’s position. Finally, he looks to take the temperature of the court and, therefore, as appropriate, re-evaluate.

    Notable cases include persuading a court to depart from the usual global award approach for a personal injury claim by using the ‘take your victim as you find her’ argument. The Claimant, who had Multiple Sclerosis, beat her own offer thereby triggering part 36 costs consequences.

    Clients said:

    ‘I really appreciated your input prior to the hearing.’

    ‘Your efforts at the hearing were fantastic and the Claimant is very pleased with the outcome (as am I).’

    ‘Hugh-Guy rang me the day before trial to talk through the medical evidence and how I valued the claim, which I appreciated. He thoroughly researched and prepared the case and made very compelling arguments. His hard work paid off with the amazing result yesterday. In addition he was able to persuade the DDJ to award my client interest at the highest rate. My client is very happy.

    ‘Hugh-Guy is a credit to 3PB. I have no reservation in instructing him again.’

  • Employment and discrimination
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    Hugh-Guy has an interest in employment law.

    He has appeared as representative on behalf of the Claimant in the Employment Tribunal for FRU, including in a contested hearing in which the Claimant successfully opposed strike out.

    Hugh-Guy enjoys the interplay between employment and commercial law, having had a previous career in financial analysis. He both experienced employment and analysed the dynamics of employment in this time.

    He has sensitivity towards and understanding of the needs of employers and employees in this varied and fascinating area of law and practice.

Academic qualifications

  • Sorbonne Paris IV
  • St. Andrews university (MA Honours, Classics)
  • City University, London (Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Cambridge University (PhD student)


  • Economic and Social Research Council 2014 PhD research grant
  • Nominated for top Officer Cadet of the U.K. Armed Services University Officer Training Corps

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • Bar Practitioner Training Course (City University) 2014
  • Civil Mediator (ADR group) 2014