HG Lorriman

Hugh-Guy Lorriman

Year of Call: 2014
Email Address: hugh-guy.lorriman@3pb.co.uk
Telephone: 01962 868 884

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Hugh-Guy Lorriman is a barrister specialising in Personal Injury, Commercial, Crime and Property and Estates cases.

Client Testimonials

Professional clients

  • "Thoroughly researched and prepared the case and made very compelling arguments."
  • "Grasped the salient points of the brief very quickly and fully understood the client’s aims."
  • "The Client and I were impressed by his advocacy at the hearing."
  • "Most inventive and resourceful."
  • "Timely, efficient and friendly."
  • "Great result. Client delighted."
  • "Your efforts at the hearing were fantastic and the Claimant is very pleased with the outcome."
  • "His hard work paid off with the amazing result yesterday."
  • "A credit to 3PB."
  • "The quick feedback after the hearing was also appreciated."

Lay clients

  • "Counsel was very re-assuring and had come fully prepared."
  • "He understood the nuances of the case and had read everything I had sent and put the case positively and effectively in Court."
  • "Very professional and courteous."
  • "He put me at my ease."
  • "Counsel was very good in presenting the case."
  • "Counsel was very good with [the litigant in person Defendant] and in not being condescending" [to the litigant in person Defendant].
  • [Claimant in her seventies] "I was so nervous and worried about it all and you immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence ahead of the cross examination by the barrister" [for the Defendant County Council].

Core values and approach

Hugh-Guy works diligently balancing a conscientious approach with a fascination for the law and the facts of each case, and, above all, an interest in those involved in it. Putting people first, empathy and understanding are central to what he brings to both client and tribunal.

Trained in leadership by the British Army, ‘Serve to Lead’ is at the core of Hugh-Guy’s values and practice.  Such leadership means that responsibility, teamwork and observing the greatest respect for client and court are at the heart of his approach to each case.

Hugh-Guy strives to invest in these core values through balancing his practice with a dedication to education, health and creativity: he is an endurance runner, a watercolour painter, he writes, is a linguist and is a director and actor.


  • Personal Injury
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    Hugh-Guy appears in the county courts on Personal Injury cases on a weekly basis, on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants.

    Hugh-Guy’s approach is to prepare thoroughly, to identify the crucial point which will tip the claim in favour of the client’s position and, finally, to take the temperature of the court and re-evaluate.

    Notable cases include:

    • Quantum: persuading a court to depart from the usual global award approach for a personal injury claim by using the ‘take your victim as you find her’ argument. The Claimant, who had Multiple Sclerosis, beat her own offer thereby triggering part 36 costs consequences
    • Liability: fast track trial, acting for the Claimant in a claim under the Highways Act, judgment for the Claimant despite problems in establishing locus, under s.41, and the Defendant relying upon the s. 58 statutory defence; and
    • Legal argument: Hugh-Guy persuaded the court to take a broad approach to the meaning of ‘particular spot’ (per James v Preseli [1993] PIQR P114) in that the Claimant’s evidence failed to identify the precise spot where the accident occurred.

    Clients said:

    ‘I really appreciated your input prior to the hearing.’ Solicitor

    ‘Your efforts at the hearing were fantastic and the Claimant is very pleased with the outcome (as am I).’ Solicitor

    ‘Hugh-Guy rang me the day before trial to talk through the medical evidence and how I valued the claim, which I appreciated. He thoroughly researched and prepared the case and made very compelling arguments. His hard work paid off with the amazing result yesterday. In addition he was able to persuade the DDJ to award my client interest at the highest rate. My client is very happy.’ Solicitor

    ‘Hugh-Guy is a credit to 3PB. I have no reservation in instructing him again.’ Solicitor

    ‘I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the clear, precise and supportive case you handled at [  ] County Court on my behalf. I was so nervous and worried about it all and you immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence to be firm against [  ] barrister’s questions. In the end, of course, I was delighted that the judge found in my favour. Thank you.’ Lay Client.

  • Commercial
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    Hugh-Guy’s expertise as a junior commercial barrister is greatly assisted by his background and former career in business and as an analyst in the financial services industry before coming to the Bar. This has given him a unique understanding of the needs and priorities of business executives/directors and the financial services industry.

    Hugh-Guy also has a keen interest in topical commercial law issues: see his article on the Civil Procedure Rule 6.15. (Barton v. Wright Hassall LLP [2018] UKSC 12).

    Notable recent cases include:

    • successfully opposing an application to set-aside default judgment.
    • successfully opposing an application to stay proceedings on behalf of the Claimant on the basis that the purported contract in which there was an arbitration clause, was void for lack of certainty
    • success in a claim for repayment of a training bond; and
    • successfully defending a claim of breach of fiduciary duty, when the Defendant director was alleged to have taken funds from the business to fund another business in which she was a stakeholder.

    A fluent French speaker, Hugh Guy is a barrister who has assisted UK and French nationals with advice and translation support to resolve commercial and contractual disputes. Hugh-Guy can assist any French-speaking business-owners and executives as well as expatriates living in the UK with advice on court proceedings or legal problems in England and Wales.

    Clients said:

    ‘I appreciated you taking the time to discuss the case with me before the hearing. I felt that you grasped the salient points of the brief very quickly and fully understood the client’s aims. The quick feedback after the hearing was also appreciated.’ Solicitor

    ‘Counsel was very re-assuring and had come fully prepared. He understood the nuances of the case and had read everything I had sent and put the case positively and effectively in Court. He was very professional and courteous and tried to put me at my ease. He was also very good with [the litigant in person Defendant]. He was very good in presenting the case and not being condescending to [the Defendant], which could have put the Judge on her side. Excellent all round and got the best result possible.’ Lay client.

    I recently instructed Hugh-Guy for the Defendant opposing an application contesting jurisdiction. The Client and I were impressed by his advocacy at the hearing as he provided additional arguments upon which the application was dismissed. He also raised his concerns regarding a weak point in our claim. This was also a good result in successfully arguing on our costs. Instructing Solicitor.

    Mr Lorriman was most inventive and resourceful in furnishing a diagram to drive home the lay client's case. The judge in fact called it unanswerable. Mr Lorriman's communication with me was timely, efficient and friendly. I would happily instruct him again. Instructing Solicitor.

  • Property and Estates
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    Hugh-Guy is a property and estates barrister with a keen interest in the interaction of the law of real property with the deeply personal issues of those interested in or affect by property rights.

    Hugh-Guy has an academic insight as well to property law and disputes, having achieved a very high distinction in Land Law in the Graduate Diploma in Law, his essay on land registration and indefeasibility being shortlisted for the prize in Land Law. Before coming to the Bar, Hugh-Guy was a funded PhD researcher at Cambridge University (Queens' College) under the supervision of Professor Martin Dixon. His research concentrated on jurisdictional issues concerning the First Tier Property Tribunal Land Registration Division. This has given Hugh-Guy an in-depth understanding of the workings of the first tier tribunal as his research involving detailed study of the cases of the tribunal and its judges.

    Hugh-Guy wrote an article on the First Tier Property Tribunal’s Land Registration Division which was published as a case note in the July 2016 edition of the Conveyancer and Property Lawyer.

    Recent property and estates cases/advisory work include:

    • Multiple possession and rent arrears claims in one judicial list, possession orders and costs granted in all cases
    • Assisted in a case involving a possible mistake on the register under schedule 4 of LRA2002, in which a garage was registered in the property register of two different flats
    • Order for sale hearing in enforcement of a charging order proceedings under CPR r. 73.10C.
  • Crime
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    Hugh-Guy both prosecutes and defends. He takes instructions to undertake both court advocacy and written advice.


    Violence including domestic violence and assault: cases included allegations of assault by partner on partner, step-parent on stepchild, bailiff on tenant, ABH - stepfather on father, criminal damage, threats of knife violence against children, assault PC, bullying assault school age children on peer.

    Sexual offences: sexual assault, cross generation and sibling incest and rape, attempted stranger rape, rape based on intoxication of victim, historical sexual abuse of child by older neighbour, sexual assault of a child on a bus, sexual activity in the presence of a child by a step-relation, school-based child sexual offences between children.

    Theft: valuables taken from where covered outside a house, theft of copper piping, theft of charity box in a takeaway outlet.

    Driving offences: drink driving, drug driving, ‘using’ a mobile phone, speeding offences, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance

    Other: trading standards, offences under the Malicious Communications Act (race / hate crime).

    Examples of cases


    • Not guilty verdict after trial in an assault by beating case with sexual offence and domestic violence elements. The aggrieved alleged that ‘love bites’ were non-consensual. The use of mobile phone evidence in cross examination proved crucial.
    • Not guilty verdict after trial on two trading standards charges. Hugh-Guy submitted a detailed skeleton argument refuting the legal basis for the charges.
    • On appeal to the crown court, Hugh-Guy represented the defendant in a legally and factually complex case, against highly experienced counsel. The defendant was acquitted.
    • Finding of exceptional hardship in favour of the defendant after eliciting evidence in court that D took the principal role among her siblings in caring for a mother with suicidal tendencies.


    • Guilty verdict after trial for drink driving after submitting that the Defendant had failed to discharge the burden of proof for the hip flask defence. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination assisted the court (DJ) to find that the number of full and empty cans of lager in the Defendant’s car did not accord with his story of quickly drinking two when on a private road.
    • Guilty verdict after trial of ABH. Hugh-Guy’s cross examination of the Defendant and subsequent submissions as to the legal elements of self-defence assisted the court to find that the Defendant’s actions were neither necessary nor proportionate.

    Financial Qualifications

    Hugh-Guy's financial qualifications underpin his interest in white collar crime.

    • Chartered Financial Analyst. Hugh-Guy had a previous career as a financial analyst and was a highly ranked stock exchange share price pundit. He obtained the coveted chartered financial analyst CFA designation with CFA institute in 2005.
    • Forensic accounting. In May 2020 Hugh-Guy successfully completed the (Crime) forensic accounting course with BPP.
  • Articles
    • Reconnaissance du PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) selon la loi britannique de 2004 sur le partenariat civil

      Ségolène Lapeyre et Hugh-Guy Lorriman ont co-écrit un article pour le blog anglo-français du cabinet d'avocats Rayden sur la reconnaissance du PACS français en vertu de la loi modifiée de 2004 sur le partenariat civil.

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    • The recognition of French PACS under the amended Civil Partnership Act 2004

      3PB Family barrister Ségolène Lapeyre and Civil law barrister Hugh-Guy Lorriman have co-authored an article for Rayden Solicitors’ Anglo-French blog on the recognition of French PACS under the amended Civil Partnership Act 2004.

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    • Murdoch v Amesbury: Land Registry Adjudication and Jurisdiction

      Hugh-Guy Lorriman on Murdoch v Amesbury: Land Registry Adjudication and Jurisdiction

      ‘This material was first published by Thomson Reuters, trading as Sweet & Maxwell, 5 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AQ, in Conveyancer and Property Lawyer Conv (2016) No. 4, at pp. 309-317, as ‘Murdoch v Amesbury: Land Registry adjudication and jurisdiction’, Conv (2016) 80 Conv., Issue 4 © Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited and Contributors, and is reproduced by agreement with the publishers.

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Academic qualifications

  • Sorbonne Paris IV Diplôme
  • St. Andrews university (MA Honours, Classics)
  • City University, London (Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Cambridge University (PhD student)


  • Economic and Social Research Council 2014 PhD research grant
  • Nominated for top Officer Cadet of the U.K. Armed Services University Officer Training Corps

Professional qualifications & appointments

  • BSB - Forensic Accountancy Course (BPP) 2020
  • Bar Practitioner Training Course (City University) 2014
  • Civil Mediator (ADR group) 2014
  • Chartered Financial Analyst 2005